A Society where everyone, irrespective of gender, caste or colour, experience the love of God, justice, freedom from all social evils, the Theresian simplicity and all the Fundamental rights thus preserving human dignity.


We, the Theresian sisters, commit ourselves in collaboration with the church and likeminded individuals and groups, to bear witness to the compassionate love of God and to His justice. We strive to accompany the marginalised in their integral development specially women and girl chrildren through rights-based approaches in our work of education, healther care, social development and pastoral care to restore human dignity.


  • Compassion for the poor
  • Hospitality
  • Simplicity
  • Justice
  • Transparency and accountability
St. Therese of Lisiuex

THÉRÈSE MARTIN was born at Alençon, France on 2 January 1873. Two days later, she was baptized Marie Frances Thérèse at Notre Dame Church. Her parents were Louis Martin and Zélie Guérin. After the death of her mother on 28 August 1877, Thérèse and her family moved to Lisieux.On 9 April 1888 she entered the Carmel of Lisieux. She received the habit on 10 January of the following year, and made her religious profession on 8 September 1890 on the Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary.On 9 June 1895, on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, she offered herself as a sacrificial victim to the merciful Love of God. At this time, she wrote her first autobiographical manuscript, which she presented to Mother Agnes for her birthday on 21 January 1896.

 Her final words, “My God…, I love you!”, seal a life which was extinguished on earth at the age of twenty-four; thus began, as was her desire, a new phase of apostolic presence on behalf of souls in the Communion of Saints, in order to shower a rain of roses upon the world.She was canonized by Pope Pius XI on 17 May 1925. The same Pope proclaimed her Universal Patron of the Missions, alongside Saint Francis Xavier, on 14 December 1927.On 24 August Pope John Paul II announced his intention to proclaim Thérèse of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face a Doctor of the Universal Church on World Mission Sunday, 19 October 1997.

Bishop Dominic Kokkat CST

Bishop Dominic Kokkat CST


Born on Ferbruary 23, 1932 at Vaikom in Kerala, young Joseph became a professed member of the Little Flower Congregation in 1953 taking the name Dominic. His major seminary formation and theological studies were at Papal Seminary, 

Kandy (Srilanka) and in Pune. He was ordained priest on October 4, 1960.He served his congregation in various capacities such as Vice Rector of the C.S.T. Philosophical Seminary-Alwaye, Principal-Technical School,Alwaye and Mission Superior in the CST Mission of Punjab.

He was also Assistant Secretary, CBCI-New Delhi from 1978 to 1982.He holds a Diploma in Social Work from the Coady International Institute, Canada. On October 4, 1984 he was ordained the first Bishop of the newly established Diocese of Gorakhpur and was installed its first Bishop on October 14, 1984. His deep concern for the poor and the marginalized has been a guiding factor for him to begin various apostolates in the diocese by which the downtrodden and the neglected could find their due place in the society. Besides, being a great devotee of St.More About Cheap Breitling Replica: rolex replica watches. Cheap rolex replica watches online: rolex replica. Best replica watches uk for men: rolex replica uk. Best replica watches uk for men: replica watches. Therese of Child Jesus and having been impressed by the thrust of his Congregation, he founded in 1988 the Congregation of the Little Sisters of St. Therese (LST).In 2006 He became bishop emeritus after nurturing the local Church of Gorakhpur faithfully.

Bishop Thomas Thuruthimattam CST


Bishop Thomas Thuruthimattam CST

Most Rev. Thomas Thuruthimattam CST, the second Bishop of Gorakhpur,was born on 22nd of April, 1947 at Aruvikuzhy in Kerala. After the matriculation he joined the Little Flower Congregation (CST Fathers) on 8th June 1963 at Mookkannur. He made his first religious profession on 17th May 1965 and was ordained Priest on 21st December 1973. He spent first four years of his priestly ministry in the Sacred Heart Balanagar (Orphanage) at Mookkannur. Having served one year at Nautanwa Mission Gorakhpur,More About Cheap Breitling Replica: rolex replica watches. Cheap rolex replica watches online: rolex replica. Best replica watches uk for men: rolex replica uk. Best replica watches uk for men: replica watches. he was engaged in pastoral ministry in Augsburg, Germany for four and half years. He holds a Licentiate in Dogmatic Theology from the Catholic University of Leuven Belgium. After his studies he served as the Chancellor of the Diocese of Gorakhpur and Secretary to the Most Rev.Bishop Dominic Kokkat CST.After one year of rectorship at the Diocesan Minor Seminary,Gorakhpur he was elected Finance Secretary and General Councilor of the Little Flower Congregation. Subsequently he served the Congregation as Rector of the Minor Seminary, Regional Finance Secretary, Councilor and Vicar Provincial of St. Thomas Province (CST). Later on he exercised pastoral ministry in France for eight years. Since 2003 till the time of appointment as the Bishop of Gorakhpur on 15th July 2006, Most Rev. Thomas Thuruthimattam CST was the Superior General of the Little Flower Congregation of the CST fathers..

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our commitment...

We leave no stone unturned to make education more relevant to the present day thus enabling the sant pushpa blossoms stand firm on their feet ready to meet the challenges of the time. In order to realize our vision we commit ourselves to a new approach in our education work. 

Our Best Effort
The school stands for academic excellence, development of skills and character formation based on the love of God and the service of men as modelled in Jesus Christ, with a view to training citizens remarkable for all-round development and sincere commitment to God and country.