Registration and Admission

The academic year at our school runs from April to March. We welcome admissions from February to May for classes LKG to IX (ICSE) and XI (ISC). Availability of seats determines admission into other classes.

Prospective students and parents can obtain the Prospectus and Application Form from the school office during office hours upon payment of a non-refundable registration fee. Alternatively, these documents can be downloaded from the school’s website. Please submit the completed application form to the school office along with the registration fee.

Minimum Age Required For Admission

The Minimum Age Required For Admission To Various Classes Is Given Below. Age Shall Be Calculated On 1st Of April Of The Year Of Admission.


Minimum Age


3.6 years


4.6 years


5.6 years


6.6 years


7.6 years


8.6 years


9.6 years


10.6 years


11.6 years


12.6 years


13.6 years

What is Registration?

Registration is the initial step where parents express their desire to enroll their child at our school. It involves providing essential information such as the child’s name, address, and the class they wish to join. This process serves as a preliminary indication of interest and does not guarantee admission.

The school’s management reviews the details submitted in the registration form to make the final admission decision. An interview with the child and parents may be conducted if deemed necessary to ensure alignment with the school’s ethos and expectations.


1.1 Registration Form:

This form captures the basic details of the prospective student, such as name, address, and the class for which admission is sought.

1.2 Birth Certificate:

A copy of the student’s birth certificate is required for age verification.

1.3 Previous Academic Records:

For students seeking admission to higher classes, records of previous academic performance may be necessary.

1.4 Passport-sized Photographs:

Recent passport-sized photographs of the student are usually required for identification purposes.

1.5 Parent/Guardian ID Proof:

A copy of a government-issued identification card of the parent or guardian.

2.Entrance Exam

The entrance exam for St. Pushpa Senior Secondary School is an important part of the admission process, especially for students seeking admission from UKG (Upper Kindergarten) and above. Here’s a brief overview of what to expect:

The entrance exam syllabus will be based on the appropriate level of study for the class to which admission is sought. It’s designed to assess the student’s readiness for the academic challenges of the class.

The format typically includes written tests in core subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and Language.

Students are encouraged to review the concepts and skills from their previous year’s curriculum to prepare for the exam.

2.1The Child Seeking Admission (LKG) Must  Be Able To-

  • ? Recognize and recite English alphabet

? Recognize and recite Hindi alphabet

? Recognize and count numbers from 1 to 50

? Recognize colours, flowers, animals, birds and fruits

?Recite few rhymes.

More than above the child must respond smartly and intelligently for every question.

Fee Structure

LKG & UKG (Yearly Total ₹ 19,500.00 )

First Instalment (April) :                            ₹ 6600.00

Second Instalment (July) :                          ₹ 4100.00

Third Instalment (October) :                      ₹ 4400.00

Fourth Instalment (January) :                     ₹ 4400.00

I to III (Yearly Total ₹ 22,100.00 )

First Instalment (April) :                            ₹ 7400.00

Second Instalment (July) :                          ₹ 4700.00

Third Instalment (October) :                      ₹ 5000.00

Fourth Instalment (January) :                     ₹ 5000.00

IV & V (Yearly Total ₹ 25,100.00 )

First Instalment (April) :                            ₹ 8400.00

Second Instalment (July) :                          ₹ 5300.00

Third Instalment (October) :                      ₹ 5700.00

Fourth Instalment (January) :                     ₹ 5700.00

VI to VIII (Yearly Total ₹ 26,300.00 )

First Instalment (April) :                            ₹ 8700.00

Second Instalment (July) :                          ₹ 5600.00

Third Instalment (October) :                      ₹ 6000.00

Fourth Instalment (January) :                     ₹ 6000.00

IX & X (Yearly Total ₹ 28,500.00 )

First Instalment (April) :                            ₹ 9400.00

Second Instalment (July) :                          ₹ 5900.00

Third Instalment (October) :                      ₹ 6600.00

Fourth Instalment (January) :                     ₹ 6600.00

XI & XII (Yearly Total ₹ 43,600.00 )

First Instalment (April) :                            ₹ 13500.00

Second Instalment (July) :                          ₹  9500.00

Third Instalment (October) :                      ₹ 10300.00

Fourth Instalment (January) :                     ₹ 10300.00